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  • Seven Left-Hand Fine NF-SAE Thread-Restoring Dies (1/4"-28 tpi, 5/16"-24, 3/8"-24, 7/16"-20, 1/2"-20, 9/16"-18, 5/8"-18 tpi)
  • All left-hand NF dies are silver zinc–plated so you can quickly tell them apart from right-handed black NF and gold zinc–plated left-hand NC dies
  • NOTE: Left-hand NF Fine dies and right-hand NC Coarse dies are both silver zinc–coated, but left-hand NF Fine dies are stamped LH on one side of the hex (and have fine pitches compared to the right-hand NC dies, which have coarse pitches).
  • Packaged in soft plastic resealable pouch: 3"x4½"
  • Will not crosscut or undercut the thread the way a cutting die will
  • NOTE: Not guaranteed when used on hardened threads or to cut new threads.
  • Weight: 0.21 lb
7-Piece Left-Hand NF Fine Rethreading Die Set, 1/4"–5/8"