JAW Manufacturing Co. has been a manufacturer and distributor of thread-restoring files and special automotive non-powered hand tools for over 70 years. Products include thread-restoring files and nut-sized hex rethreading dies and low-cost rethreading taps in both NC-USS, NF-SAE, and metric sizes from 8 to 32 threads per inch and 0.80mm to 3.00mm pitch. JAW Mfg. invented the nut-sized rethreading dies in 1951 and the low-cost rethreading taps a few years later. Rethreading dies range from 1/4 inch to 1-3/8 inch (6mm to 24mm) and taps from 1/4 inch to 9/16 inch (6mm to 14mm). Other special automotive repair hand tools were added later: flexible-shaft tools, including flexible-shaft hex keys, extensions, and screwdrivers, and impact drivers, carburetor-adjusting tools, metric files and tools, tri-square wrenches, brake spring compressors, tire valve tools, internal rethreading tools, and diesel head alignment repair tools.

JAW Manufacturing Co. was founded and incorporated in Reading, Pennsylvania, in August 1950 by James A. Williamson (1916–2001) and has been headed by his son, James A. Williamson, Jr., since 1990. We are proud of our long history of quality tool making and of our longtime dedicated and hard-working employees, upon which our good reputation for quality tools and your satisfaction depends.

Hand tools include manual impact drivers, flexible shaft and offset screwdrivers, straight-fluted screw extractors, automatic center punches, nail holders, nut splitters, and stud removers. Tool accessories include hex bits and adapters, male and female flex extensions, automotive rethreading taps and dies, square flexible-shaft spin drivers, socket hex keys, and driver handles.

Types of dies include automotive rethreading dies, including metric, chaser, wheel stud and armature die sets, thread restoration, heavy duty hex rethreading, thin wall, spindle and front axle rethreading dies. Applications are used mainly in the automotive repair industry and industrial repair.

Please contact us at jawco@jawco.com if you have any questions about our products or suggestions for improving our website. We also welcome ideas for new hand tools or additional sizes in our existing lines. Thank you very much for supporting our business and American manufacturing!