• This 2-Handled Internal Rethreading Tool (9" long) offers double action and can be locked in place
  • Comes with three most popular bits: 14 tpi for 3/4" pipe; 11½ tpi for 1" to 2" diameter; and 8 tpi for up to 6" diameter
  • Pouched with instruction sheet
  • NOTE: You can get the other 12 standard bit pairs for this tool by buying Item #50A, and you can get 8 metric bit pairs for this tool by buying item #50B. If you already have bits for this tool, you can buy the single-handle tool alone as Item #46 without any bits.
  • Length: 8-7/8", Width: 4½", Weight: 0.95 lb

              Individual die bits are available from 8 tpi to 32 tpi and 0.75mm to 3.00mm at $3.00/pair. For example, order Item #B18 for pair of 18 tpi bits and #MB1.5 for pair of 1.5mm die bits.

              2-Handled Internal Rethreader Tool with 3 Bit Pairs