• The original #1 thread-restoring file, made by Jawco in Reading, PA, since 1947
  • 8 Pitches (11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 tpi) in square clear plastic case with a plastic cap
  • Nu-Thred® files are the highest quality with cross-cut and depth proportional to the thread pitch, so file will not skip or jump out of fine pitches
  • Our files are milled, not cold-formed, so our cutting teeth actually have sharp edges which allow the file to do the work rather than the mechanic
  • Our file teeth also come to a sharp point which allows the teeth to get to the bottom of the thread and remove any rust or gunk that has accumulated there
  • Will renew damaged external threads of any diameter (right- or left-hand)
  • 7/16" square file x 8-3/8" long, Weight: 0.35 lb
                    Nu-Thred® #1 Rethreading File (11–24 tpi)